Vison Systems

A world where you can easily control everything near you
VISIS is making.

Business Areas

We introduce business field of VISIS.

VISIS Digital Signage

With a lively image, the site-centered PR system
Build, trendy, You can change the store
environment every moment.

B2B specialties of
Samsung and LG Electronics

Samsung Electronics · LG Electronics to deal with home appliances
Through direct transactions, it is available at low prices for general
companies, government offices, hospitals and hotels.
We will deliver it.

K-beauty exported to Vietnam

Global Market We are doing major
trade for market activation.

VISIS Korea Health Food Exports

​We export Korean red ginseng extract to Vietnam and
sell it through resellers. We also export other supplements.

Contact US

VISSYS has a skilled installation technology in domestic government offices and general companies.
Please refer to the various installation examples that BISIS has built and write an online quotation right away!


Busan Metropolitan City Haeundae-gu Centum North Busan 60, Centum IS Tower 1710 (re-shipment)